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Antigone: The Conflict of Hubris, Fate, and The gods Essay -- Sophocle

Antigone: The Conflict of Hubris, Fate, and The gods Sophocles, Antigone is a classic example of the role of the gods in the life of a Grecian. It is a story of the precedent set by the gods, versus the will and actions of the characters of Antigone. Creon deceives himself into believing that he is upholding the laws set by the gods. While he would like to think of himself as being above the gods, even he can not deny their power. The humans were to revere the gods above all else, despite any obstacles that tried to displace them. Creon lies to himself to convince himself that he is not violating the laws of the gods. At first, Creon is able to ignore the edicts of the gods, because his beliefs lie shallowly within the boundaries of his mind, whereas Antigone’s reverence for the gods pierces the depths of her heart. In Antigone Creon falls victim to the tragic flaw of hubris, eventually leading the destruction of his house. Polynices and Etiocles were the rightful heirs to the thrown; however they were killed by mutual fratricide, a dishonorable way to kill and be killed. Creon’s only legitimate claim for the thrown of the house of Thebes would have been through Edipus; however, Edipus’ only claim to the thrown was the riddle of the sphinx. By Greek law this would not have transferred down to Creon, thus making his stake to the thrown an insecure one. Do to this, Creon has a plaguing fear of anarchy in his city. He wants to be a strong ruler, with no one questioning his authority, or challenging his power. This desire comes from a root of instability and illegitimacy. Creon’s first element of pride is to have a chorus that is loyal to him. If Creon could not even prove the legitimacy of his line to h... ... discusses the conflict between the will of the god’s versus the will of man, and what right Polynices even had to being buried. According to Greek culture, Creon had ever right to make a decree stating that Polynices need not be buried within city limits; however, he was going too far in his decree of no burial at all. The Irony is that in the end he ignores religion again, to have Polynices buried with the city limits, where the god’s would have wanted him outside of the city. There are many more elements of Grecian law and religion that this article discusses, and because of that this will definitely be a very helpful source. I can see many of the points that I was looking to make, backed up within this article. This article was an extremely helpful find. Works Cited Sophocles. Antigone Dover Thrift Editions New York: Dover Publications, INC. 1993

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Coke-India: Case Study Essay

Coca-Cola has considerably gained a large share of the market in the soft drinks industry. In the chase of expanding to foreign companies, it decided to explore India which presented great potential for revenues due to the growing population. The company built bottling plants in India and also contracted with local entrepreneur to facilitate the circulation of the products. Acquisition of local beverages companies, aggressive advertising campaigns and competitive pricing played an important role in helping penetrating the market and gave Coca-Cola a competitive advantage over local beverages. In no time, Coca-Cola had gained the trust of the population and experienced a tremendous growth of the business in the region. This success was tarnished when accusations were brought to the government of India about a discovery found in the tests conducted by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE), a Non-Governmental Organization in India. The discovery revealed that elevated amount of toxic substances (including Lindane, DDT, malathion and Chlorpyrifos) had been found in Coke and Pepsi products; especially in soft drinks. These substances are known to be dangerous to human health including causing cancer, birth defects and damage to the nervous and reproductive systems. Following this discovery, India’s government banned all Coke and Pepsi products and launched an independent investigation. Coke stock price plumed; the company promised to launch its own investigation and provide the results of the tests to disclaim the CSE’s accusations to regain the trust of the consumers in India. Previous cases involving Coca-Cola Company show that this is not the first time that the company is involved in this type of allegations. The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the ethical issue presented in Coke’s business practices with emphasis on product safety and quality. The practices presented in the facts above need to be investigated and resolved. If these practices are not investigated and addressed, the effects to the population will be very devastating for many. The concerns will eventually spread out of India and pose great distress to the community of soft drinks consumers around the world. In addition to the consumers, these concerns will also affect India’s population, employment growth In India, the employees, current and future investors, the suppliers and the competitors. In response to these practices, I am proposing three different approaches that can be used to solve the dilemma and I hope that one of them can ultimately be implemented. The three alternative resolutions are based on the Utilitarian principle, the ethics of Virtues and Kant’s Categorical Imperative rule. The Utilitarian principle calls for actions that would produce the greatest balance of happiness over unhappiness (James, 2010). If Coca-Cola wants to regain the trust of its consumers and reassures them of the non-validity of the accusations, it should use mass media and communicate the results of their own tests to the greatest number of people. Instead of doing so, the companies redirected the consumers to its website to find the information. Now in a population with a low per capita of 6 bottles per year, I do not think that finding the results on the website is a proper media source for the consumers. Coming clean about the allegations will reassure the consumers and all the stakeholders. If the company uses the mass media to publish its results, the vast majority of population will get answers to the concerns and this will also help the company increase sales and attract more investors. Another solution will be based on the ethics of Virtues. According to Aristotle, a virtue is a trait or character manifested in habitual action (James, 2010). Here, Coke and Pepsi should construct positive behaviors of honesty and care and therefore invest more resources in educating the population on the processes used to manufacture their beverages; from the collection of water to the cleanliness of the trucks used for transportation of the final products without of course revealing the recipe of the drinks. The purpose of this step is to present consumers the strict safety standards that the companies claimed they use at all times in their manufacturing lants. In doing so, these companies show care for their consumers and their willingness to abide to regulations. The facts presented above show that this is not the first time Coca-Cola is involved in this type of allegations as mentioned in the Belgium case of 1999. Instead of taking responsibility for the accusations Ivester, Coca-Cola’s CEO at the time on visit in Paris, returned to the U. S. A without responding to the crisis; leaving the consumer in distress. This is not a behavior of a person who cares about the well-being of the consumers. To avoid this type of habit to develop, it is important to implement policies that ensure that the processes of manufacturing these goods are well presented to consumers. The third alternative resolution is based on Kant’s Categorical Imperative rule. Kant defined this rule as follow: â€Å"act only according to that maximum by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law† (James, 2010). Kant’s Categorical Imperative rule calls to act in such a way that the action taken under the circumstance could be a universal law, rule or behavior. I think that Coke, Pepsi and other beverage companies in India should joint the government in developing standards that they believe are strict enough to eliminate the potential for contamination in the manufacturing process of the soft drinks. These standards will also ensure a safe delivery of the final products. Everything use to produce and deliver the final product should be free of all contaminants. In developing these standards, companies involved and the government should make sure that the standards apply to all the parties involved in the production of beverages. In conclusion, I believe that the ethics of Virtues is the best approach to address this issue. A company that cares about the well being of its consumers always engages in activities that promote that objective. By caring for the consumers, managers at Coca-Cola and Pepsi will ensure that all the proper steps are taken to eliminate contamination. If a contamination occurs somehow, the company should take responsibility for the event and assist in resolving it; not run away and abandon the consumers in distress. Corporations should face the consequences of their actions at all time.

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Communication Competence - 1087 Words

1 Communication Effectiveness Have you ever had to communicate important information to a diverse group of people you share unique working relationships with? Carrying the responsibility of managing the day to day operation of a fifty five million dollar medical Distribution Company forces me into communication instances which require care and precision for effective delivery. As an Operations Leader, I am responsible for delivering information to a large group of diverse individuals serving several different employment roles. Even though the audience is not responding audibly, as the presenter, I must communicate through a through a transactional communication model, meaning that, â€Å"I must communicate simultaneously with my†¦show more content†¦As you can see, the context situation and individual I am communication with forces me to choose from a variety of behaviors. Taking into account the diversity of each situation and personality requires thoughtful consideration to which behavior I choose . In addition to having a wide range and focus for the appropriate behavior, I must also consider which skills will allow me to transition from thought into action. As a young child, I developed a severe stuttering problem and had to overcome what seemed to be a life hurdle to successfully communicate in today’s society. It wasn’t until I had reached the 4th grade that my mind was capable or realizing there was a better way to communicate. The grueling process of relearning to breathe and pronounce hard onset syllables was awkward, though the more time I spent practicing, the easier it was to learn new habits and develop strong speaking behaviors. Similarly, learning to communicate with a diverse group of people, I had to practice, sometimes with multiple failed attempts, to achieve a level of skillfulness and an ability to integrate. I’ve taken all the strategies I’ve learned from a child to an adult to become skillful communicator. In additional to applying behaviors mastering personal skills to improve my communication platform, the steps required understanding the competent characteristics of an effective communicator, I feel I will be able to successfully manage and lead aShow MoreRelatedCompetence in Communication Essay1143 Words   |  5 PagesCommunication competence is the capability an individual has in choosing the correct communication behavior which is not only effective, but also appropriate for a particular situation. Competent, effective communication among group members establishes an atmosphere of reliance and feeling that one belongs. When the level that group members feel appreciated and valued is great, the more likely these individuals will be committed to the group and the organization, which in turn, makes for the easyRead MoreCommunication Competence Analysis1731 Words   |  7 PagesPart I: Communication Competence Analysis Place a checkmark next to those skills that you feel you need to work on. 1. I’m sensitive to contexts of communication. I recognize that changes in physical, cultural, social– psychological and temporal contexts will alter meaning. 2. I assess my channel options and evaluate whether my message will be more effective if delivered face-to-face, through e-mail, or by some third party, for example. 3. I look for meaning not only in words butRead MoreThe Purpose Of The Interpersonal Communication Competence1860 Words   |  8 PagesInterpersonal Communication Competence Assessment is to educate individuals on his or her ability to adapt to certain communicative situations across different contexts, utilize conversational skills, manage conversations, empathize with others, speak effectively, and have appropriate conversations. This assessment asked me questions that really allowed me to take a step out of my body and thoroughly examine my communication from the outside in. I learned about the types of communication with whichRead MoreThe Effects Of Interpersonal Competence On Interpersonal Communication1053 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Interpersonal competence is an aspect of communication that is rarely given attention despite being a crucial facet of human interaction. In fact, Beebe et al. argue that it is comparable to breathing for being do critical to human growth (2). According to Beebe et al., this aspect of communication is necessary to maintain relationships and to improve affairs between lovers (6-7). To enhance our competence in interpersonal communication, we need to learn and master ways of verbally relatingRead MoreThe Communication Competence Summary On Pages 22-231387 Words   |  6 PagesPart I: Communication Competence Analysis Review the Communication Competence summary on pages 22–23.  Complete the checklist and write a response in three parts that addresses the following using clear headings: Pick two to three competencies from the listing for which you feel you are currently strong, and describe why you feel that way. Pick two to three competencies from the listing for which you feel you currently need improvement, and describe why you feel that way. need improvement 1. I’mRead MoreCommunication Competence Scale Assessment On Myself And Calculated My Total Score863 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Communication Competence Scale assessment on myself and calculated my total score to be 98, a low score. I also had a family member complete the same assessment based on his perceptions of my communication competence and that score totaled 132, a high score. The significant disparity of the scores indicates that we definitely have different perceptions about my communication competence. I think this is a very interesting assignment to begin our learning on interpersonal communications, asRead MoreCommunication Is A Fundamental Component Of Clinical Competence1344 Words   |  6 PagesFirstly, what is communication? â€Å"Communication is the act or process of transmitting information (as about ideas, attitudes, emotions, or objective behaviour)† (Merrium-Webster,2015). Communication is a fundamental component of clinical comp etence. It is a core clinical skill and is essential to health care professionals in a clinical setting. Communication as a healthcare professional is the act of converting theory and evidence based practice into effective clinical practice. (silverman,Kurtz etRead MoreEssay on Cultural Competence and Intercultural Communication1673 Words   |  7 PagesWhen individuals or groups from different cultures communicate, this process is called intercultural communication. The transaction process of listening and responding to people from different cultural backgrounds can be challenging. The greater the difference in culture between two people, the greater the potential of misunderstanding and mistrust. Misunderstanding and miscommunication occur between people from different cultures because of different coding rules and cultural norms, which play aRead MoreThe Caring Attribute Of Nursing1481 Words   |  6 Pagesnursing. Caring attribute is the essential modules to provide patients w ith the best care possible. The caring attribute of nursing consist of 6 c’s but this essay will focus on four C’s (compassion, competence, commitment and confident). Compassion is the ability of showing empathy towards patient. Competence is having the knowledge to produce a successful care. Commitment consists of taking a pledge towards patient and their care. Confidence is the process of gaining trust with a patient. These attributeRead MoreThe Role Of Interpersonal Conflict And Learning Communication1382 Words   |  6 Pagesoccurs when two people have incompatible needs, goals, or approaches in their relationship (Fisher, 2000). Communication breakdown is often an important source of interpersonal conflict and learning communication skills is valuable in preventing and resolving such difficulties. At the same time, very real differences occur between people that cannot be resolved by any amount of improved communication (Fisher, 2000). â€Å"Personality conflict† refers to very strong differences in motives, values or styles

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The European Colonization Of Americas 1620- - 900 Words

Final Essay- Prompt Three INTRODUCTION America would not be the same it is today without the numerous times of territorial expansion from the 17th to 19th century. America started with European Colonization in the 17th century, its borders were defined in the 18th century, and America extended from a coast to coast nation in the 19th century. There is not just expansion of land on a physical map, but also increased political tension and economic growth as America grows as a nation. PARAGRAPH 1(European Colonization of Americas 1620- ) The European colonies were founded in the name of Religious freedom with the desire to create a better version of British society on new soil. Due to the deep religious nature of the original colonists, colonial laws were based on the Christian value system. The stringent and sometime antiquated religious values of the pilgrims and puritans permeated America for years to come. English migrants settle in colonies along the Atlantic of North America in the 17th century. The migrants occupy territory that belonged to the Native Americans. The first territorial gain for America was in 1620, when the Pilgrims came over of the Mayflower and established Plymouth. A large group of Puritans were sent over to the Americas ten years later, around 1630, to establish another settlement. This important territorial gain, was the establishment of Massachusetts’s Bay Colony. The natives were able to help these Puritans get settled in the new colony. TheyShow MoreRelatedCause Of The Pequot Wa r830 Words   |  4 PagesThe Pequot War The Pequot War was a very bloody war during the early colonial period of the Americas and had a great effect on the Americas. However, it is what happened before the Pequot War that truly gives light to why it happened. Before the war, the New England colonies were expanding greatly, and this thusly caused the colonists to come into conflict with the indigenous people of the Americas (Meuwese, 2011). Preparing for a battle with the indigenous peoples, John Winthrop had prepared theRead MoreDiscovery and Settlement of the New World, Establishment of Colonies and the American Revolution594 Words   |  2 Pagesof political history of the America from Pre-European contact to the American Revolution that I find more interesting are Discovery and Settlement of the New World, Establishment of Colonies and the American Revolution, because these events changed the course of History of America since its discovery and colonization until independence. First, with the arrival of Europeans to the New World a series of events that drastically change the lives of the natives in America are triggered, and this happensRead MoreWhat Was Christopher Columbus Speak Of The Island Of Hispaniola?855 Words   |  4 PagesChristopher Columbus’ returned in 1494 he spoke about the beautiful land he had seen in the Americas, which in turn evoked the sense of wonder American writing has had ever since 2. From 1492 on, why did Native peoples begin to die in large numbers? From 1492 on the Native peoples began to die in large numbers because of disease, enslavement, and the harsh treatment the Natives received from the Europeans. 3. What was the original population of the island of Hispaniola? The original populationRead MoreHistory Of The United States1365 Words   |  6 Pagesdown to what is now South America. Evidently, there was many more migratory waves from Asia that contributed to the Native American population. It wasn’t until 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived to the Americas that European colonization began in the Western Hemisphere. By the mid 1500’s, the Spaniards had settled down into what is now known as Florida. By 1598 the Spaniards had then settled down into what is currently known as Texas and New Mexico. The European invasion had begun. There wasRead MoreNative Americans And The United States1443 Words   |  6 Pagesin this country. The cause was because of colonization. The Europeans colonization of what is now America led the Natives to despair and destruction. Before Christopher Columbus came to the Americas unintentionally and started to colonize, there was a â€Å"belief that the Americas in 1491 were an almost untouched, even Edenic land† (Mann 5). The Native Americans were just living their lives, until the Europeans started to arrive. The arrival of the Europeans put pressure on the Natives. They broughtRead MoreEuropean Colonization Of The Americas1393 Words   |  6 PagesEuropean colonization of the Americas began as early as the 10th century. Extensive European colonization began in 1492, when a Spanish expedition headed by Christopher Columbus sailed west to find a new trade route to the Far East but inadvertently landed in what came to be known to Europeans as the New World. Europeans acquired the magnetic compass, which allowed mariners to determine direction even when out of sight of land. When the new world was discovered, â€Å"The Columbian Exchanged†Read MoreNative Americans And Native American Tribes1607 Words   |  7 Pagessettled across North and South America between 500/1500 B.C.E, creating advanced and rich cultural, social, and political civilizations. Approximately 6-7 million Native Americans inhabited North America alone. In what would become the American Southwest, Native American tribes, the Hopi and Zuni, conducted a settled life for over 3,000 years. Hundreds of tribes were formed and the Native Americans lived in small villages. When the Spanish first arrived in the Americas in the fifteenth century, theyRead MoreThe Beginnings Of English America1121 Words   |  5 PagesThe Beginnings of English America Long before Columbus sailed to America, Europeans had dreamed of a land full of abundance, riches, and freedom. Europeans believed that if they moved from Europe to America, their lives would change for the better when they stepped foot onto this new land. But what they did not realize was that things would not be so easy at first. There were some major similarities and differences between Europe and America. But compared to America, everyday life was completelyRead MorePopularity of Tobacco in Colonial Times1388 Words   |  6 Pageswilderness. Through this chaos grew the leader and the other of colonies in America. Tobacco and Social Structure in Early Virginia during the Colonial Time Crop penetrated into the economic, political, and social life of the colony. The owners of the large tobacco plantation could make up the social ladder; men who were in charge of the interests of the colony were the planters and everyone considered tobacco as a remedy. During 1620, young women, who were sent to become colonists’ wives, paid their servantsRead MoreEssay on Religious Concerns during Colonial Period734 Words   |  3 Pages â€Å"Throughout the colonial period, economic concerns had more to do with the settling of British North America than did religious concerns.† According to this statement, both economic and religious reasons contributed to the founding of the thirteen colonies by the British in North America. The many people who settled in New England came there in search of religious freedom. Their hope was to escape the religious persecution they were facing in England, worship freely, and have the opportunity to

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Ethics And Company Culture And Ethical Responsibilities

Introduction This presentation is on the organization integrity and social responsibilities. As the leaders of the company, if we â€Å"act unethically and/or without integrity† (Ross, 2009, para 1), our employees will lose confidence and trust in our organization, however, if our employees do the same than our customers will â€Å"lose confidence and trust in our products and services† (Ross, 2009, para 1). For example, Intel had issues with its Pentium chip. They used unethical practices, which consisted of a five-point plan. This presentation will discuss the following: †¢ Ethical integrity and why it is important; †¢ The role of ethics in business; †¢ The advantages of corporate social responsibility; †¢ Ethics and company culture; and †¢ Employees, technology and ethical responsibilities. †¢ Then, include brief examples of three additional companies who fell prey to the same types of pressures – thus illustrating how Intel is clearly not alone. †¢ Conclude with a list of general actions for an organization so as to avoid the decision-making pitfalls to which Intel and others had succumbed. Ethical Integrity and Why it is Important Ethics are one’s values and beliefs, which leads ones decision process on how to conduct themselves. The best definition for integrity I found is defined by David Ross (2009) an integrity advocate is as follows: â€Å"Integrity as described by as adherence to a standard eludes us† (para. 3). â€Å"The complexity of integrity as wholeness mystifies us† (para. 3).Show MoreRelatedEthical Ethics And Financial Performance1206 Words   |  5 Pagescompetitive world, companies should become ethical throughout many perspectives. Ethics refers to the standards of right and wrong in an attempt to influence behaviour. (Kinicki 2015, p.83) In stating this, companies can be ethical within numerous occasions such as ethics and financial performance, ethical performance, ethics and sustainability and ethical competition such as competitive advantage. Despite the positive side, there are also some negative implications towards ethics. Ethics and financialRead MoreOrganizational Culture And Ethical Values1604 Words   |  7 Pagesthere is a culture practiced in that organization. Different organizations have different cultures. A culture of an organization defines how that particular organization manages itself as well as treats its customers if it is a business. An organizational culture is basically developed within an organization and all the staffs or workers of an organization are usually conversant with the culture of the organization they work for. Ethical values are also part of organizational culture. Ethics are veryRead MoreBusiness Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay1471 Words   |  6 PagesEthics in the workplace help the organization to grow and prosper. They bring about leadership, work culture and literacy. Ethic are beliefs about what’s right or wrong and good or bad based on individual’s values and morals, plus a behavior social context. Ethical behavior conforms to individual b eliefs and social norms about what’s right and good. Unethical behavior conforms to individual beliefs and social norms about what’s wrong or bad. Business ethics refers to ethical or unethical behaviorRead MoreEthical Ethics And Financial Performance1371 Words   |  6 Pagescompetitive world, companies should become ethical throughout many perspectives. Ethics refers to the standards of right and wrong in an attempt to influence behaviour. (Kinicki 2015 p.83) In stating this, companies can become ethical in such occasions being effective in the long run. These include ethics and financial performance in how companies can maximise profits and market share, ethical performance in discussing how companies can perform at its highest level. Also, ethical competition such asRead MoreA Handbook to Simplify Ethical and Moral Leadership Essay examples1176 Words   |  5 Pagesoutcomes of a business. Leadership behavior is not only based on knowledge and expertise, it is an expectation that leaders understand the vision and core values that guide moral and ethical leadership at all times. Although morals and ethics are synonymous for the most part, the terms are distinguishable. Simply put, ethics is determinant of acceptable guidelines for behavior of a group or organization while morals exude individual beliefs of right and wrong derived from personal values (DuBrin, 2010)Read MoreMaking A Business Decision For Any Ceo Essay1130 Words   |  5 Pagesdecision for any CEO is easy, the main principle is to keep the shareholders happy by generating more revenue. The more money a company earns the more attractive it looks to the potential investor. Now, from history, we have learned that every CEO is not created equal and some use bad business practices to earn more revenue. So, laws were created to set guidelines, companies started to use risk assessment to see if a decision would lead to any legal recourse that would make them a liability, or putRe ad MoreEthics in International Environments Essays1348 Words   |  6 PagesEthics in International Environments Introduction Global marketing opportunities usually form the pillar under which viability and profitability of international marketing depend upon. This merged with globalization of market today makes international marketing practices a concern globally that calls for moral responsibility (ethics) in conducting business (Danley, 1983). Ethics in international marketing poses many dilemmas and this is because value judgments differ among different culturesRead MoreA Interview On Ethical Business Practices1556 Words   |  7 PagesInterview on Ethical Business Practices Sturdy ethical business practices represent a trademark of a superior company that an individual may need to assemble and maintain in your developing business. Business ethics apprehends groups or individuals; however, the one who formulate them will be swayed by the background of the company. Therefore, employees must fix on what they believe is the best line of action. Additionally, ethical corporate societal responsibility and behavior can result in a significantRead MoreEthical Implications Of Ethical Leadership830 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Ethical Leadership is defined as the demonstration of normatively appropriate conduct through personal actions and interpersonal relationships, and the promotion of such conduct to followers through two-way communication, reinforcement and decision-making†¦ [and] the evidence suggests that ethical leader behaviour can have important positive effects on both individual and organizational effectiveness† (Rubin et al 2010: 216-17). Business ethics are moral principles that guide the way a businessRead MoreBenefits Of Ethical Leadership : A Positive Corporate Reputation, Ethically Empowered Employees, Increased Quality, And Higher1734 Words   |  7 Pagesbenefits of ethical leadership; having a positive corporate reputation, ethically empowered employees, increased quality, and higher customer satisfaction. Ethical leadership will benefit an organization, because it creates a healthy ethical environment, and culture which produces a positive corporate reputation. This will foster employees that; appreciate that ethics is important, recognizes and discusses ethical concerns, works to resolve ethics issues at the lowest level, sees ethics as part of

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Cash Flow Statement of Walmart-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Using Walmarts Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows for the years 2016 and 2017, analyze the cash flow statements. In your analysis discuss where cash was generated and where it was used, as well as the resultant ramifications to the company. Answer: Analysis of the Consolidated Cash Flow Statement of Walmart for the years 2016 and 2017 The cash flow statement discloses the information about the cash receipts of Walmart and the payment of cash during the accounting time period and provides cash connects with the closing cash balance to the initial cash balance that has been disclosed in the financial position statement of the firm (Martnez et al., 2017). The cash flow statement comprises of three parts that includes the cash flows provided in the operating activities, cash flows given in the investing activities and the cash flows given in the financial activities. The net cash that has been exploited from all the operating activities of Walmart are inclusive of the discontinued activities of the reporting article. The operational activities are usually inclusive of delivering and producing goods and providing services. The operational activity cash flows even includes adjustments, transformations in the value and transactions that are not explained in the financing and the investing activities (Boyas, Teeter 2017). The net cash was created from the consolidated net income and this has been discovered to be the income from the sustainable operations. This cash has been used for the purpose of paying the income tax that has been accrued, accounts payable, inventories, depreciations and the deferred income tax. The cash flow statement provides the adjustments from the reconcile income from the sustaining operations to the net cash provided by the operational activities (Zentes et al., 2017). The net cash that is generated from the operating activities has been used for the purpose of payment of property and equipment, business acquisitions and investments and other investing activities. The other expenses that has to be paid off includes the payment of dividend, purchase of the stocks of the firm long term debt payment, and the net changes in the borrowings that are long term in nature. There are various other income as well that includes the proceeds from the issuance of the long term debt, proceeds from the disposal of the property and the equipment and proceeds from the disposal of various operations. The net cash rise or fall i n the cash equivalents and cash is adjusted with the cash equivalent that was available during the beginning of the year in order to find out the cash equivalent and the cash that would be presented in the end of the year. The assessment of the cash flow statement for the years 2016 and 2017 explains that net cash of Walmart from the operational activities has increased from 2016 to 2017 which has exceeded from 2015 (Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) | Statement of Cash Flows 2017). The net cash that has been used in the investing activities has even increased from 2016 to 2017 and there has been significant rise in the net cash used in the financial activities from 2016 to 2017 for Walmart as well. This explains that along with the rise in the net cash provided by the operating activities, the net cash used for the investing and financing activities has increased as well and therefore the cash at the end of the year has fallen significantly in 2017 from 2016. The cash equivalent for Walma rt at the end of 2017 has been lower than the last two years explaining that the operational activities of the company has increased and therefore there has been a rise in the cost associated with the production and delivering of services and goods (Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) | Statement of Cash Flows 2017). The following reveals the financial ratio of Walmart for the year 2016 and 2017 and it has been observed that all the ratios excepting the financial leverage has increased significantly from 2016 to 2017. This explains that the operational activity of Walmart has improved for the past few year and the company has been gaining significant level of profit Particulars Year 2017 Year 2016 Current ratio 0.93 0.86 Quick Ratio 0.22 0.19 Financial Leverage 2.48 2.56 Debt to equity 0.55 0.54 Reference List Boyas, E., Teeter, R. (2017). Teaching Financial Ratio Analysis using XBRL.Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning,44(1). Martnez, A. B., Galvn, R. S., Alam, S. (2017). Financial Analysis of Retail Business Organization: A Case of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Nile Journal of Business and Economics,3(5), 67-89. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) | Statement of Cash Flows. (2017). Stock Analysis on Net. Retrieved 11 December 2017, from https://www.stock-analysis-on.net/NYSE/Company/Wal-Mart-Stores-Inc/Financial-Statement/Statement-of-Cash-Flows Zentes, J., Morschett, D., Schramm-Klein, H. (2017). Monitoring Operational and Financial Performance. InStrategic Retail Management(pp. 441-461). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.

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Variation in Privacy and Confidentiality Concept

Question: Discuss the variation in privacy and confidentiality concept. Answer: Introduction In health care areas, ethics are considered to be the most important part of the patients care. The practices of the various paramedical staff reflect the value of ethics, as well as, moral parameters that are being valued during the provision of compassionate care to the patient. Currently the concept and idea of confidentiality are under high debate in the health care settings. The concept of confidentiality ponders that whether the private information of the patient should be kept confidential or can be shared among various medical, as well as, paramedical staff for better health care provision, improved quality, as well as, for audit or research purposes. Ethical health research, as well as, privacy protections both can provide valuable advantages to the society. Research with respect to health is vital to the improvement of the human health, as well as, the health care. Moreover, protecting patients that are involved in the process of research from harm, as well as, preserving t heir rights is very important to ethical research (Maliapen, 2009). The foremost justification in the protection of the personal privacy is related to the protection of the interests of concerned individuals. While in contrary, the primary justification related to the collection of the personal identifiable health information used in the health research is beneficial to the society. But it is very necessary that no information about the patient or individual should be used in any activity without his/her prior consent and we should respect the privacy and confidentiality of every individual irrespective of caste, color, creed, as well as, social or economic status (Magnusson, 2010). Variation in privacy and confidentiality concept Initially, using names, taking samples, as well as, using them for future research without the consent of the individual was not considered to be the part of the breaching any confidentiality. These parameters were used and were considered that they did not violate any kind of legal standards related to the health care settings. However, there are changes in the rules and they all have changed since then, as well as, they all are still changing (Willison, 2000). As per the National Institutes of Health, there are recent modifications in the requirements for consent that should be kept in mind prior to use of tissues, as well as, all the related medical data, personal information to be used in the research. In the present times, one of the important fundamental principles used in the work of clinical research and care is respect for individuals. Privacy and confidentiality, nowadays, are considered to be the most important part in the health care setting (Serour, 2006). In the past, there were no such adoption of regulations, as well as, the ethical guidelines that were used and followed for biomedical research. However, today, in the present times, there is generally the requirements which the researchers have to obtain which includes the voluntary, as well as, informed consent from the concerned individuals before carrying out or using any kind of personal information in the biomedical experiments and research (Laurie, 2001). There has been significant development of the ethical, as well as, legal governance in relation to the ones privacy and confidentiality in the present times. Any kind of breach in these laws is an offense and necessary steps are undertaken in that case. For instance, there is a development of the Nuremburg Code that advocates for informed, voluntary participation, as well as, consent of the individual in the medical research. Moreover, the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and its federal regu lations was prompted to ensure privacy, as well as, protection of all the personal data and records in an environment of maintaining the electronic medical records, as well as, third-party insurance bodies (Murray, Calhoun, Philipsen, 2011). Patient confidentiality, nowadays, is considered to be the important part of the health care system and it means that all the personal, as well as, the medical information provided to the health care practitioner and other concerned staff members will not be leaked or disclosed to others without the prior consent and specific permission that is given by the individual such release. As the disclosure of any kind of personal information may cause personal or professional problems, patients completely rely on their physicians to keep all of their medical data and information private. However, it is very rare for keeping all the medical records completely sealed ("Patient Privacy and Mental Health Care in the Rural Setting", 2011). The most common and benign breach related to the privacy and confidentiality occurs when clinicians used to share the medical information of the individuals as case studies. The data shared by the physicians is when published in different professional journals it is made sure that the identity of the concerned individual is never divulged, and moreover, all the identifying data and elements is either changed or eliminated. If this confidentiality and privacy are breached in terms of any parameters, the individuals have the right to sue. Hence, if this case could have occurred in present times, the individual and her family have the right to file the case against the researchers for using her name without her prior permission or consent. At that time, consent or permission was neither important and required nor was sought customarily. However, at present times, the use of identifiable elements such as the name, address of the individual are considered to breach the confidentiality and privacy of the individual and is a punishable offense (Loebel, 2003). Though in the previous times, the consent and permission was not required and did not violate any kind of legal regulations, these kind of acts in the present times is considered to be a breach. The new international standard of editorial policy makes it necessary to have a written informed consent provided by the subject involved in every case report. New federal policies related to the privacy and confidentiality of the patients have been imposed that gives the right to the patient over their privacy and confidentiality. If this case could have happened in the present times, the civil or criminal penalties could be imposed on the concerned authors for using the name and hence creating the privacy violation. These rules and regulations became enforceable in the year 2003 and any such kind of violations or breaches is liable to the penalty that can include the fine or the imprisonment or both depending on the criticality of the violation. The recent imposition of these rules and regulations related to the patients confidentiality is aimed at maintaining the privacy of the individual and to avoid any kind of breaches. Hence, direct authorization must be gained from the individual prior the release of the information that has been used. Any breach that affects the privacy of the patient is a punishable offense under the new sets of rules and regulations (Francis Francis, 2014). Like in this case, as there is breach regarding personal information, the concerned individual or family members can undergo the disciplinary proceedings with the GMC, criminal proceedings, or the civil proceedings. Hence, in the present times, breaching confidentiality and privacy fail to respect the autonomy of the patient. Moreover, the violation of confidentiality of the patient is the form of betrayal. Therefore, patients have the right to privacy, as well as, confidentiality that has recently been changed and frequently been demonstrated i n the specific areas as per the common law, as well as, outlined in the statute law. This kind of breaches was not considered to be violations of any legal laws and hence, were not liable to any penalty or punishments. However, changes in the federal laws and regulations have given the right to the patient, which in turn promotes the maintenance of the privacy and confidentiality of the individual (Foster, 2014). Conclusion Privacy, as well as, confidentiality, is basic rights of the individuals in our society. The safeguarding of those rights, regarding to the individuals personal data and health information, is the ethical, as well as, the legal obligation that should be followed by the health care providers. Nowadays, there occurs a widespread agreement related to the interests of participants regarding the protection of their privacy, as well as, the corresponding duties of all the researchers meet these standards and to treat the subjects personal information and data in a confidential way. Indeed, the confidentiality and respect for the privacy of the individual in the research is an ethical standard and norm, which is internationally recognized (Martin, 2001). Failure to comply with these rules and regulations related to the safeguarding of the ones privacy and confidentiality can result in civil, as well as, criminal penalties. Though these kind of information was not considered to get the conse nt of the concerned individual in the past, but in the present times it is considered as the important part to get the prior consent of the subject involved in the case studies or articles. Any kind of violations and breaches related to these are liable to the penalties depending upon the nature, as well as, the extent of the breach or violation ("Confidentiality of patient care records and a patient's rights to medical privacy," 2006). References Confidentiality of patient care records and a patient's rights to medical privacy. (2006).Mdecine Droit,2006, 25-27. Foster, S. (2014). Confidentiality and Patients Rights.IJMHCL, (7), 229. Francis, J. Francis, L. (2014). Privacy, Confidentiality, and Justice.J Soc Philos,45(3), 408-431. Laurie, G. 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